Our story


Our Beginning

Eumaco is born within the S.O.S.A. Srl Group, as an industrial unit with an engineering vocation and the aim of studying, designing and disseminating in Italy the technological innovations of the European market

The name Eumaco, in addition to being a corporate acronym, derives from the composition of the Greek terms Eu and Makhos, which define the spirit of a young company, of great positive impact (Eu) and with the detemination (Makhos) and the desire to confront with extreme professionalism within the Italian market.

So, like today, Eumaco makes use of the collaboration with leading international companies in their respective fields of specialization. It can therefore count on solid technical-commercial supports to respond to specific market requests and is able to offer complementary services tailored to the needs of the customer.


The year of change

The year 2006 is the turning point for Eumaco, when Management decides to specialize its business in what is considered to be the new frontier of Medical Science, Telemedicine. This sector, supported by the progression of portable technologies such as tablets and smartphones, is able to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, with revolutionary consequences in the health services sector.

The decision to direct our efforts and our skills in a very innovative sector has been achieved thanks to the collaboration with a great partner, world leader in Telemedicine.


The first successes and the launch of Oyster ECG Manager

The experience accumulated over the years, together with the feedback from the main Key Opinion Leaders and operators in the sector, has allowed us to develop ourown  web-based software platform Oyster ECG Manager, which allows the specialist to manage the ECG traces sent via telephone from patients monitored with our devices. Driven by the constant desire for improvement, today Oyster ECG Manager has been renewed and perfected to the point where it has become a tool also used abroad

In the same year, thanks to the collaboration with some of the main and most modern Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Units in Italy, it was possible to start pioneering home telemonitoring projects for decompensated patients.


Today, more than 30 years later

Today, as then, we continue to invest resources and energy in our path of technological innovation, developing and studying innovative and customer oriented solutions with the same precision and professionalism that has distinguished us for over 30 years.

Our Team

Olivia Schiavon


Serena Schiavon

Partner & Italy Senior Sales Manager

Cristina Monetti

Administration Office

Nicola Zaninello

Sales & Marketing

Eng. Francesca Michieletto

Biomedical Engineer & Product Specialist

Eng. Mattia Omizzolo

Biomedical Engineer & Product Specialist

Eng. Antonio Giabardo

Biomedical Engineer & Product Specialist

Our Partnerships and our Customers