PocketECG Holter, a great innovation for ECG analysis and arrhythmia diagnosis

The PocketECG Holter is the only system capable of combining the precision of a Holter analysis and the interactivity of hospital telemetry at the patient’s home. The device identifies the morphology of each heartbeat in real-time and allows remote monitoring of hundreds of patients simultaneously.

The PocketECG Holter allows the patient to live their daily life normally while being continuously monitored, thus avoiding long and costly hospital stays. With continuous monitoring of the patient’s heart rhythm and physical activity over several days or weeks, PocketECG Holter enables a precise diagnosis even in cases where the cardiac anomaly had not been previously diagnosed.

Continuous online ECG

With PocketECG, it is possible to detect asymptomatic arrhythmias and those that occur during sleep. The interactivity of the device and the touchscreen allow the patient to directly provide information about the type of symptoms when they occur. Syncope without a determined cause, paroxysmal palpitation, or other sudden symptoms are always recorded in the ECG. The continuous transmission of the tracings simplifies the search for an electrocardiogram fragment using common web browsers.

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