Implicity is your complete data management platform for Cardiac Implantable Device Remote Monitoring.

Your Command Center for Cardiac Device Data

Implicity is a command center for all your implanted cardiac devices so you can work from just one platform. Transmissions from all major manufacturers are aggregated, prioritized, and grouped by customizable parameters making the triage easier. Your patients get the care they need quickly.

Technology that Makes Work Flow

With Implicity, you get updated device data along with alerts, transmission history, and previous reports all in one user friendly platform. No more scrolling through pages of reports to find important data. The result is technology that makes workflow more efficient instead of getting in your way.

Standardize Training

Multiple vendor portals and different formats require specialized training. Implicity simplifies this process for you. All data is standardized in one format and in one place. New employees get up to speed fast, increasing productivity.

Save Time and Increase Patient Satisfaction

Remote CIED monitoring can reduce the need for unnecessary in-office visits by 50% while giving patients piece of mind. Implicity allows you to easily review all your patient’s data in one portal – making quick work of alerts, transmissions and notifications