Oyster ECG & More: Eumaco’s Telecardiology management software

Oyster ECG & More is our web-based software, now in its fourth release, which provides unique and reliable support to physicians and healthcare professionals in the use of telemonitoring devices and the management of patient databases.

Thanks to a simple, high-performance web interface, Oyster allows the administrator to manage the list of transmissions, devices, patients and staff assigned to monitoring operations. Our software is an easy-to-use tool that intuitively manages device assignments, highlighting in real time the time elapsed since the start of monitoring and any delays in returning the device.

Why choose Oyster ECG & More

Thanks to the automatic reception of ECG transmissions and transmissions from the new STEPP remote telemonitoring system, you can concentrate on what matters most: analysis and reporting. The report generation system will allow you to easily archive and print out all the data collected during the monitoring period along with the medical report, and if required will allow you to process and design statistical analyses of the collected data. As a web-based application, Oyster ECG & More allows you to view, monitor and report on your patients’ transmitted data from anywhere.


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