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STEPP – The new multi-parameter telemonitoring system

STEPP is a new telemonitoring system of vital parameters (saturation, temperature, ECG, weight, pressure) interconnected and for the first time integrated with our management software Oyster ECG & More. The patient can take measurements autonomously with various devices, connected via Bluetooth with gateway equipped with a SIM card for the automatic transmission of recorded data. The measurements are transmitted automatically and can be viewed on the Oyster platform.

The advantages of using STEPP

Connectivity: Devices communicate directly with the gateway, which automatically sends transmissions to the Oyster ECG & More management platform.

Complete monitoring: thanks to the variety of devices available, you can obtain detailed and specific information about the patient’s health.

Simplicity: Thanks to their design, the devices are easy to use.

Customization: Devices can be assigned according to the particular needs of the doctor or patient.

Telemonitoring – Available configurations

ECG only: exclusive monitoring of ECG signal through CM100 XT or PM100

STEPP: monitoring of all parameters (Saturation, Temperature, ECG, Pressure, Weight)

Custom configuration: customizable monitoring according to requirements with thermometer, scale with or without impedance, saturation meter, spirometer, blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter and INR (coagulation) meters.

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